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CannabisBay Area Cannabis Delivery and Catering

Bay Area Cannabis Delivery and Catering

Bay Area Cannabis Delivery and Catering

We are excited to announce the official launch of Doja Fields! A Bay Area cannabis delivery and catering company. You read that right! Doja Fields not only delivers top notch greens directly to your door, we are also a full service canna-caterer. We encourage the inquisitive and adventurous to read more about green catering on our website and contact us to find out how Doja Fields can cater your next event or party.

Our Mission

Our journey began with the mission to elevate health and wellness to a higher level. Because we believe in the healing powers of cannabis in it many forms, our menu is curated with the best gifts from mother nature. We are committed to bring ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable cannabis from the farm to your bong. Cannabis is a personal journey. Just like there’s no one way to consume, there’s no one way that works for everyone. If you’re unsure just ask us! We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable about what they put into their bodies. Because, at Doja Fields, cannabis isn’t a commodity, it’s a lifestyle.

Doja Fields is a place where all cannabis users are welcome. As a female in the cannabis industry, I am encouraged and proud to be in the company of so many badass canna queens carving their own path in weed. That’s why, women will find products made by women, for women.

Conscious Consumption

Doja Fields is cognizant of the harmful impacts and injustices caused by the failed War on Drugs. We vow to honor our commitment to keep this industry equitable, inclusive, and diverse. A responsibility we all share. To further this mission we are proud to support equity owned businesses in the City of Oakland and greater Bay Area.