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CannabisFeatured Brand Highlight: Chemistry

Featured Brand Highlight: Chemistry

To kick off our first of a blog series dedicated to the brands we love, we are proud to feature Chemistry. It’s no surprise when it comes to finding the perfect cannabis vaporizer cartridge you have a lot of options. One of the greatest things about this magical industry is individuals sharing a collective passion and dedication for the plant. Nothing speaks more true than the talented team at Chemistry. Chemistry is an Oakland based producer of infused cannabis pre-rolls, tinctures, vaporizer cartridges, gummies, and diamonds.

Why do we love them?

Chemistry values maintaining the integrity of the plant by preserving its natural terpene profile with a commitment to environmental sustainability. How do they do this? To start, they use small batch, whole flower in all their products. That means you won’t find any trim on the production line. Not only that, all of Chemistry’s cultivation partners practice organic and regenerative farming techniques. That means a natural, sustainable product you can feel good about ingesting into your body. From there, they employ innovative manufacturing techniques developed by PhD organic chemists for quality you can taste.

Chemistry sources its flower from some of Northern California’s finest sun-grown farmers such as, Esensia Gardens. Cannabis grown under the power of the sun is a sustainable energy source believed by many (including us) to produce a more flavorful, dynamic product. And when it comes to sun-grown cultivation, these farmers know more than just a thing or two. Their roots run deep in a rich history of experienced and innovative cannabis farming. Learn more about Esensia Gardens here, courtesy of Chemistry. And try for yourself. You can find Chemistry’s 1g cannabis vaporizer cartridge, Magic Wand available on our menu. Magic Wand is an Emerald Cup finalist with flower cultivated by Esensia Gardens. It’s a magical sativa that is sure to unleash your inner witch or wizard.

When it comes to looking for that perfect chemistry with a cannabis product it’s a no brainer. And what’s more, Chemistry supports organizations dedicated to an equitable, ethical and inclusive future for the cannabis industry.