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Doja Field News

Doja Field News

How We Curate Your Cannabis Catering Experience

As prohibition is steadily lifted across the nation and celebrities making their mark by creating their own luxury brands, cannabis has entered the mainstream. There are more ways to enjoy cannabis than ever before. And now, you can have cannabis catered at any party. Cannabis catering is a fun and unique way to elevate any […]

Want Cannabis Catered at Your Next Party? Here’s How

Did you know there are six different types of catering? From choosing the menu to how it is served there is a lot to consider. What type of food should be catered? Should you get a buffet or hire servers? What about dietary restrictions? Thanks to Bhumika Sarma, these questions and more are answered in […]

Featured Brand Highlight: Chemistry

To kick off our first of a blog series dedicated to the brands we love, we are proud to feature Chemistry. It’s no surprise when it comes to finding the perfect cannabis vaporizer cartridge you have a lot of options. One of the greatest things about this magical industry is individuals sharing a collective passion […]

The Cannabis Catering Experience

Doja Fields is proud to be the Bay Area’s boutique cannabis caterer for weddings and private events across California. We offer two unique experiences for clients to enjoy their way. Guests can pre-order, purchase at the venue, or gift your guests with luxury party favors. Our dedicated team curates customized menus to match the mood […]

Bay Area Cannabis Delivery and Catering

Bay Area Cannabis Delivery and Catering We are excited to announce the official launch of Doja Fields! A Bay Area cannabis delivery and catering company. You read that right! Doja Fields not only delivers top notch greens directly to your door, we are also a full service canna-caterer. We encourage the inquisitive and adventurous to […]